Smith Metal Arts and McDonald Products: A Match Made in Heaven

by | May 23, 2023 | McDonald Products, Smith Metal Arts

Smith McDonald: The Combination of Two Competing Companies

Smith McDonald is the combination of two competing companies that realized they could better serve their customers together, rather than apart. Although Smith Metal Arts and McDonald Products are still uniquely their own companies, being brought under the same roof has given their customers access to high quality materials, a wider range of products to choose from, and the benefits of skilled craftsmen.

Who Is Smith Metal Arts?

Smith Metal Arts was founded in Buffalo, NY in 1889, originally under the name Heintz Art Metal Company. From the beginning, Smith Metal Arts excelled at providing their customers with quality and designer office and desk supplies. Smith Metal Arts’ focus on artistry and design has even landed their unique products on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City and many of their products are now considered collector’s items.

Who Is McDonald Products?

McDonald Products was founded in Buffalo, NY in 1930 as a metalworking company specializing in ornamental smoking stands, pipe racks, ashtrays, floor stands, and a silent butler. In 1934, the scissor action Duk-It Ashtray was created, which soon became one of the company’s most popular products. The duck icon remains part of the McDonald Products logo to this day even after the company focus changed. In 1961, McDonald Products shifted its focus from metalwork to office-related products, specializing in both metal and plastic desk accessories.

The Creation of Smith McDonald

Smith Metal Arts and McDonald Products were industry rivals as the businesses grew in their local area. McDonald Products ownership changed ownership hands several times until finally, in 1986, controlling interest of the company was acquired by Smith Metal Arts, leading to the formation of Smith McDonald Corporation. Now, Smith McDonald is the foremost manufacturer of executive desk and office accessories in the world.

Smith McDonald offers their customers a wide range of products including conference pads, desk pads, desk accessories, waste receptacles, and planters. Working with high quality materials like metals, leather, and ABS plastic, Smith McDonald manufactures fine-crafted office products for various industries such as executive offices, management offices, workstations, conference centers, hospitality, healthcare, education, casinos, and government.

Smith McDonald proudly manufactures all their products in the United States and employs experienced craftsmen to create custom and original products. Together as Smith McDonald, Smith Metal Arts and McDonald Products have combined their expertise, resources, and design innovations to better meet customer needs.

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