3 Reasons to Partner with a Professional Office Designer

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Contractors, Custom Design, Desk Accessories, Logo, Office Design, Work Environment

Professional Office Design

Professional office design is about more than just comfortable chairs and coordinating colors. Whether you sell custom computer parts, orthotic shoes, or financial advisory services, creating a clean, organized, and professional work atmosphere is essential to running a brick-and-mortar business in today’s saturated market.

When clients and customers walk through your doors, a well-designed space will help them navigate through your facilities, feel comfortable in the space, and give them the confidence that they are working with true professionals. Creating a professional physical work environment for your employees will help boost productivity, give them a sense of organizational pride, and contribute to a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility.

A professional contract designer can help you create a physical space that will support your team and promote your organizational goals. At Smith McDonald, we have extensive experience partnering with these professional designers and contractors to provide you with high-quality office accessories that will best complement your physical space. Here are three perks to working with a contract office designer.

Smart Design

A contract designer can work with you to improve the layout of your office space based on your organizational structure and needs. Whether you have rows of employee cubicles or an open floor design, a professional designer can introduce strategies to improve the layout and flow of your office space for the benefit of your clients and employees.

Our team at Smith McDonald will work with your contract designer to determine which office accessories will best support each space. Large conference rooms or meeting spaces will need large wastebaskets, ample table space, and high-quality custom desk pads. Private offices will need more compact wastebaskets and letter trays. Customer-facing employees will benefit from our high-quality business card holders and customized pencil and pen cups.

Consistent Branding

Strong visual branding gives your organization an identity, encourages customers to become loyal clients, gives your employees a sense of organizational belonging, and promotes professional marketing and advertising of your products and services. A contract office designer will be able to help you determine ways to strengthen the visual branding in your office space to achieve these outcomes.

Nearly all of our office accessories at Smith McDonald can be customized with your organization’s logo, color, and other visual branding elements. We work with high-quality metals with customizable finishes as well as luxurious full-grain leather. No matter which products you choose, we will make your logo look sleek and professional.

Professional Connections

Contract designers typically have connections with other office design professionals in their region. If you are hoping to make some bigger design changes to your business environment, partnering with one contract designer will save you the time and hassle of tracking down a laundry list of your own subcontractors.

Smith McDonald has been in business for more than 100 years, so our team has a long history of partnering with area designers for office renovations and redesigns. Many area designers are well-versed in our product lines and capabilities, so we can get right to work selecting, designing, and customizing the office accessories that will best meet your business needs. Much of our competition does not offer customized products, so we are proud to provide this service to our clients.

Smith McDonald proudly manufactures all our products in the United States. We employ experienced craftsmen to create custom and original products. If you have a question about professional office design and customized accessories, contact our team today!