5 Products to Encourage Employees to Return to the Office

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Conference Room Sets, Desk Pads, Gold Tooled Leather Collection, Leather Desk Accessories, Remote Work

Create An Inviting & Productive Office Environment

COVID forced many employers to greatly reduce or even eliminate employee presence in communal office space. Since COVID restrictions have gone out of effect, employers are excited to bring their employees back to the office and get back to normal. However, if you want your employees to be excited and motivated at the office, you need to create an inviting and productive office environment.

Smith McDonald manufactures high quality, customizable desk and office accessories that can help transform a drab office space into an engaging work environment that your employees can look forward to enjoying.

How to Encourage Employees to Return to The Office

Getting employees to return to working in an office once they’ve been consistently working from home can be a challenge. Do not expect everything to return back to normal and do not expect a warm reception if you issue an immediate order to return full-time back to the office.

If you want employees to willingly return to working in an office full, or even part time, use these tips:

  • Listen to employee feedback and concerns
  • Create incentives for employees
  • Develop a gradual transition plan
  • Invest in creating an enjoyable office environment

If you want employees to be in support of returning to the office, you need to create a place where they actually want to be. Remember, your office space is in competition with your employees’ cozy home offices, so you cannot afford to overlook this. You may not be able to completely transform your office, but you can prioritize desk and office accessories that allow your employees to create a personal touch to make them more comfortable as they transition back to working in the office.

5 Personalized Products to Revamp Your Office Environment

Over the years, study after study has continued to confirm that environment can have a direct impact on productivity and mental state. This is essential for employers and business owners to understand with their goals to transition their workforce from remote work to working in the office.

The importance of creating an office space and physical environment where employees feel comfortable, motivated, and focused cannot be overstated. Check out these 5 office accessories you can integrate into your office environment to motivate employees to return to working together in person:

1. Premium Desk Pads

Smith McDonald manufactures fine leather, faux leather, linoleum desk pads, conference pads, and edge pads that can add a pop of color and professionalism to your employees’ work spaces. These high quality desk pads can be designed with personalized sizes, colors, materials, and even corner shapes. Some of these desk pads are even designed to be rolled and portable so whether your employees are working full time in the office in different spaces, travel frequently for business, or have a hybrid schedule, their work accessories will be readily accessible.

2. Professional Conference Room Sets

Smith McDonald offers fine leather, faux leather, and linoleum conference room sets that can create a sense of both professionalism and unity for your employees and team members. These quality conference room sets can be purchased in bulk and are available in a variety of colors to match your office environment decor or company colors.

3. Custom Office Space Decor & Accessories

No office is complete without furniture and practical accessories. Smith McDonald has over 125 years of experience providing custom office accessories, furniture, and decor for lobbies, conference rooms, and office spaces. We specialize in everything from tables and chairs and conference organizers to even coat hooks. No idea is too big or too small, and our team will work with you to bring your design to life.

4. Elegant Leather Desk Accessories

Smith McDonald uses only the finest and highest quality materials in our classic leather desk accessories. Our leather desk accessories illustrate expert craftsmanship with imported top grain leather, giving our leather desk accessories collection a luxurious and professional appearance, perfect for any business office. Our leather products are available in a range of sizes and colors so you can blend your desk accessories seamlessly into an existing office space.

5. Striking Gold Tooled Leather Desk Accessories

Foil embossed desk accessories add a sense of professionalism to create a regal work space. Smith McDonald’s Gold Tooled Leather Collection of desk accessories features a variety of handcrafted accessories including picture frames, letter trays, and even waste baskets to allow you to add your personal style to your office space. Our Gold Tooled Leather Collection is available in 5 different colors and features a double line tooling accent to accentuate our products’ fine details.

Invest in A Comfortable & Welcoming Office Environment

Many employers find it challenging to convince their employees to return to working in a communal office. However, investing in creating a comfortable and welcoming office environment can make that transition easier and more efficient for everyone. Smith McDonald’s high quality office and desk accessories can help employers and business owners develop a work space where their employees actually want to be.

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